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Training and development 

World-class training and development for lawyers at Linklaters will help us achieve our vision of becoming the premium global law firm. This is why we created the Linklaters Law & Business School.

World-class development and training for lawyers at Linklaters will help us achieve our vision of becoming the premium global law firm. This is why we created the Linklaters Law & Business School.

The Linklaters Law & Business School is a framework for career-long learning and development, giving you the mix of expertise you need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Wherever you work, we guarantee that at every stage of your career, you will receive the same high-quality learning experience as your colleagues.

Our integrated learning structure has currency and credibility on a global stage, inside and beyond Linklaters. Our all-encompassing approach to learning and development enables us to unite our goals as a business with your own. With milestone programmes for every stage of your career, whether you join us as an associate, managing associate or partner, you will find the learning experience invaluable.

Junior lawyers

Our junior lawyers and trainees start their career at Linklaters on the New Lawyer Global Orientation Programme, which offers quality entry-level training, as well as valuable international networking opportunities.

Practice Diploma Programme

This programme is designed for your first four years as an associate to equip you with the knowledge needed to thrive in a changing global economy. It comprises three core areas:    

Global Technical Core Skills

The first step in this pathway is a foundation course. This series of modules covers global technical legal training while introducing you to your practice area.

 Global Associate Core Skills (GACS)

This programme consists of two parts. GACS 1 is a two-day programme, focusing on self-awareness, self management and effective communication.  GACS 2 is held over three days, and the emphasis is on client and internal interactions, matter management and developing others.  These topics are all covered within the overarching theme of delivering exceptional client service.  A variety of learning formats are employed on both programmes, including input from internal experts, group discussion, case studies and role plays with professional actors.  Elective programmes are also offered in different skills areas, including presentation skills, delegation skills and influencing skills.

Further technical and other skills

This programme contains further global and local technical training relevant to your office, jurisdiction and practice.

Managing Associate Diploma Programme

The Managing Associate Diploma Programme is a structured training programme focusing on enhancing your client, business and commercial skills. Many of the legal aspects of the programme will be based around your contribution to our expertise as a global law firm. All Managing Associates will attend a two day development centre which aims to further enhance performance in their current role and support individuals as they start to think about their future career progression.  In addition, elective programmes are offered to support individual development needs in areas such as business development, negotiation skills and performance coaching.

The Linklaters Leadership Programme

Over the last four years, almost 300 of our partners have attended the Linklaters Leadership Programme – a five-day course run by professors from Harvard Business School. The programme analyses case studies covering a range of topics from strategy to crisis management. Each is designed to help you understand what it takes to be a leader at Linklaters – and equip you with the skills to become one.