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Market reforms and global economic uncertainties present banks with a unique set of challenges.

The long-term effects of the financial crisis continue to transform the industry. Fundamental reforms to global financial regulation are now being finalised and implemented, financial markets continue to evolve and challenging economic conditions persist. Banks are examining their business models to address the developments, challenges and opportunities that have arisen over the last few years and, for the foreseeable future, the procedures and processes for assessing, controlling and monitoring bank risk will continue to come under intense scrutiny.

As banks strive to respond to the escalating regulatory upheaval, they face some critical strategic challenges. Central to this is how banks adapt their operating models and strategies to address enhanced capital and liquidity requirements. The restriction and separation of activities, resolution regimes, state aid undertakings, remuneration rules and derivatives reform are among a range of other areas we are helping our clients to consider and address, all of which against a backdrop of broader market issues including sovereign debt exposure, investor confidence, customer demands, enforcement activity, competition, market volatility and government interests.

As the banking landscape continues to evolve, we are working with institutions across the full scope of their businesses, ranging from complex strategic activity through to day-to-day transactional matters. We are able to harness the benefit of having balanced strength in our corporate, finance, regulatory  and other specialist divisions to bring together integrated teams across all the key jurisdictions and business lines in which our clients operate. It is this experience which we can bring to bear in helping clients stay ahead of the competition, adapt to the exceptional rate of regulatory and market change and favourably position themselves in the financial markets of the future.

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You can find out more about Linklaters’ bank sector experience and capabilities from sector manager Chris Edwards on (44 20) 7456 2625.


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