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UK Corporate Update : New NAPF guidelines for the 2014/15 AGM season

The National Association of Pension Funds has published updated Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines for the 2014/2015 AGM season.

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Trustee Agenda : UK Pensions: Trustee Agenda

In this issue: DC scheme governance and charges The end of contracting-out: Issues for trustees Lump sum death benefits: Tax relaxations Measuring Inflation: The Arcadia case On the horizon Click here to read more.

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Collective redress across the globe - a review

Collective actions – court proceedings brought by a number of claimants with similar or related interests against a defendant or group of defendants – are becoming increasingly important in civil litigation.

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Employee Incentive News - Remuneration : Updated Global Remuneration Guide for financial institutions

In a world where the regulation of remuneration is constantly changing, it can be very difficult to stay on top of the changes.

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