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China M&A

Getting over the line: clearing regulatory hurdles to outbound M&A

China’s long-term aspirations means that outbound investment and acquisitions from China will continue to be a significant force over the long-term. Our updated report aims to provide background and assistance on the potential regulatory barriers for Chinese outbound M&A across key jurisdictions by providing high-level guidance for succeeding in such deals.


Cross-border guide to energy audits

Cross-border guide to energy audits

Since 2015 it has been a requirement that all European enterprises qualifying as non-SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) carry out an audit of their energy consumption. The range of the concerned enterprises, the obligations within groups, the scope of the audit and the potential sanctions for non-compliance differ significantly across EU Member States. This cross-border guide has been prepared
                                              and updated to the state of law on 1 January 2017 by Linklaters in cooperation with
                                              Kinstellar. It aims to raise awareness and give an overview of the current state of play
                                              by highlighting the key features concerning energy audits in various jurisdictions of the
                                              European Union, Serbia and Turkey.  


European bank'sEuropean banks' balance sheets: non-performing loan levels

In 2014, we examined the changing European banking landscape following the results of the European Central Bank's stress test. According to new Linklaters analysis, there is now over €1 trillion of NPLs on banks’ balance sheets across Europe.



South African outbound M&A is looking at another strong year after a record high in 2015

South African outbound M&A has had another strong year in 2016 with nearly $7billion worth of activity so far this year, with predictions that it could reach over $8.5billion by year end.  The report discusses where the opportunities lie in 2017, how political triggers across the globe may affect activity and the challenges for investors to consider.



An Welcome to the third edition of Commercial Mediation – a comparative review, in which we look at the place of mediation across the globe. This fully updated edition includes chapters from 17 Linklaters’ offices, as well as from our alliance and associate firms across the globe, Allens, Webber Wentzel and Widyawan & Partners.



An understanding of current global trends is key to managing corporate risk. Linklaters’ review of corporate criminal liability in 24 jurisdictions provides at-a-glance answers to twelve questions, including: whether a company can be held criminally liable for wrong doing in a given jurisdiction; whether it is legally obliged to co-operate with the prosecution authorities there; the kind of sanctions that can be imposed on a company found criminally liable for corporate wrongdoing; and the relevance of an effective compliance system to a company's ultimate liability.



Negotiating a path through competing and frequently contradictory laws on privilege can throw up very unexpected results: advice that is privileged in one country may not be protected in others. In-house counsel advising companies operating in multiple jurisdictions are particularly exposed. Linklaters’ revised and fully updated comparative review of legal professional privilege provides a quick reference tool to practice in 23 jurisdictions across the globe.



     At the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, Linklaters’
     International Governance and Development practices launched its report,
     Governance for the United Nations Development System: adapting to meet the
     challenges of a changing world
, which was commissioned by the United Nations
     University’s Centre for Policy Research.


Our report, Renewable Energy in Africa, presents analysis that shows that economic development and the deployment of renewable energy technology are becoming increasingly synergistic, driven by the falling costs of renewable energy.  The report also discusses de-risking policies that might be employed in African markets to encourage investment in this space, and provides case studies of the experience of Morocco and South Africa in enabling significant investment.


Bribery and corruption represent a serious risk to all organisations with international activities. The risk goes not only to financial loss but also to commercial relationships, reputation, liability and criminal exposure. Recognising the impact of international corruption, Linklaters has published a major comparative review considering the steps governments across the globe are taking to address bribery and corruption committed both within and outside their jurisdictions.


In the United Kingdom, the rule of law is a concept sometimes taken from granted. However, though it may not be obvious, all is not well. The very foundations of the rule of law in the UK are weakening. In this report we point to key areas threatening the rule of law in a business context. In particular, we describe threats to the rule of law including excessive executive power, retroactivity, uncertainty, unmanageability, and changes in the burden of proof.  


Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability

             Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability

              We have partnered with the United Nations Global Compact to produce a guide
              containing practical advice and examples to in-house counsel in their emerging role
              as key change agents in advancing corporate sustainability issues within their
              respective organizations. The Guide seeks to raise the profile of General Counsel
              regarding the efforts they are making, and to inspire and encourage other General
              Counsel and Boards, senior executives and management of their respective
                                              organisations to take action and deliver long-term value.

Report cover: Insight and foresight. Navigating the European loan portfolio market

Insight and foresight. Navigating the European loan portfolio market

European banks are facing increasing pressures to deleverage. Purchasers who are able to navigate the market knowledgeably and analyse each transaction on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis will be best placed to invest in European loan portfolios.


Report Cover: Routes to return: navigating European infrastructure regulation

Routes to return: Navigating European infrastructure regulation

Routes to return: Navigating Europe’s infrastructure regulation report examines three key trends in the evolution of regulation across Europe and the associated opportunities for investors.  


Report cover: AIM Africa Agribusiness investment and opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa

AIM Africa Agribusiness investment and opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa

AIM Africa, Linklaters’ agribusiness investment guide to Sub-Saharan Africa, examines agribusiness potential in 21 countries, ranking each country according to agribusiness attractiveness, agribusiness environment, agribusiness infrastructure and the business and regulatory landscape. 

Report cover: Shared parental leave

Shared Parental Leave

Linklaters’ research explores employee attitudes to the UK’s right to Shared Parental Leave provision and how this will impact on employees. What factors will affect employee uptake? Should employers offer enhanced pay? What should employers be doing now to ready their business?

Report cover: Restoring confidence. The changing European banking landscape

Restoring confidence. The changing European banking landscape

The European banking landscape is set to be re-shaped with the European Central Bank (ECB) assuming direct supervision of ‘significant’ Eurozone banks as part of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).  The results of the ECB’s comprehensive assessment of those banks – comprising an asset quality review (AQR) and stress test – aim to increase transparency, make repairs if needed and build confidence.

Report cover: Capacity mechanisms. Reigniting Europe's energy markets

Capacity mechanisms. Reigniting Europe's energy markets

Read our report which explores the divergent responses to the electricity supply crunch in Europe, the role of the European Commission and what all this means for Europe’s global competitiveness.

Through our thought leadership initiatives we aim to deliver current and relevant insights into key business issues affecting our clients


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