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On your bike! 

07 November 2016

Linklaters Luxembourg has recently expanded its Health and Wellbeing programme with the arrival of three e-bikes at the firm’s office. There’s no excuse now not to ditch the car and take to the saddle.

The advantages of stepping away from your desk and getting some gentle exercise during the day are well documented. Energy levels increase and it becomes easier to stay fit and healthy, concentrate and stay focused. Linklaters’ e-bike scheme gives everyone who wants to the opportunity to squeeze in a little extra physical activity as well as boosting their green credentials.  All those regular trips that typically involve jumping into the car can now easily be replaced with pedal power.

“The bikes are a great opportunity and a fun way for everyone to get a little extra exercise during the day. You don’t have to be a dedicated, experienced cyclist. All you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go.” Muriel Vanhoren, HR Manager

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike
Linklaters’ latest initiative is another example of the firm’s commitment to supporting environment sustainability as well as their people’s wellbeing through a balanced and active lifestyle. Whether dashing out to appointments, heading to lunch or simply picking up shopping, hopping on a bike is a quick and easy way to grab some exercise.

While the environmental and physical bonuses are clear, a further advantage is that riders can avoid the city’s traffic jams and the frustrations stress they can bring. It may be that cyclists, despite the extra effort needed, could reach their destination faster and more composed than drivers.

Linklaters bikes are already  on the roads. So watch out and let’s see how many you can spot in the coming months.

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