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Our Approach to Collective Responsibility 

We have developed a new articulation of CR that is more aligned with our business, our day to day work, and enables a greater understanding of the ways in which each of us contribute towards making the firm a more responsible business.

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This articulation is embodied in four roles that each of us play every day – as Trusted Advisor, Valued Colleague, Engaged Professional and Good Neighbour. Traditionally we have thought about Corporate Responsibility as something we do as an add on to our day jobs. Our thinking has evolved. 

Watch our video from Tom Shropshire, former Chair of the Corporate Responsibility Committee on Collective Responsibility.


  • Trusted Advisor

    Caroline Cheney, Senior PSL, Dubai, & Neil Miller, Global Head of Islamic Finance, Dubai

    In 2014, we advised on the first European sovereign Sukuk (Sharia’a law-compliant securities issue) by the UK Government in July and the first euro-denominated non-Islamic sovereign Sukuk issued by the Luxembourg Government in October. Thanks to the experience and creativity of teams from capital markets, tax, real estate and regulatory practices, in each case we reconciled the expectations of Sharia’a scholars with those of investors seeking a bond-type return within some challenging, government-prescribed policy objectives.

    Our knowledge and learning team help our lawyers combine an understanding of Sharia-compliant financing with their own expertise in conventional financing and deep knowledge of local laws, strengthening further our capabilities in this innovative and increasingly international sector.  

    Jian Fang, National Managing Partner, China

    China remains one of the globe’s most exciting markets with new opportunities and challenges arising all the time. As well as supporting a growing number of acquisitions by Chinese firms, in recent months we have advised on the first international offering of regulatory capital securities by a PRC bank and the ground-breaking stock connect between the HK Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Our expertise is sought-after and so increasingly we are sharing our knowledge through seminars, conferences and papers and providing constructive advice to the relevant Chinese authorities in relation to the building of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and more generally of a sound legal/judicial system in China. I am particularly proud of our latest report “Compete and Win: understanding the perception of Chinese investors” which reflects conversations with over 250 international executives and so provides a credible reference for all Chinese companies investing outside China.

    Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive, Mencap

    Once again, the team at Linklaters has shown how it should be done. The creation of the Retail Charity Bond platform means that charities like Mencap can now use a simple structure to raise funds from retail investors. In so new a market for the not-for-profit sector, simplification of complex processes is critical and the team has done a wonderful job in developing and then deconstructing sophisticated instruments to create new funding streams. In the summer, a new £11m bond issue for Golden Lane Housing – part of Mencap’s housing work – closed early such was demand. We are delighted and we look forward to similar successes in the future.

  • Engaged Professional

    Richard Godden, Partner, London

    Exactly 800 years ago, the Magna Carta embodied the principle of the rule of law, a principle that is vital to modern society and business. It is an honour for the firm to be supporting the reunification of the four surviving Magna Carta copies from 1215 a unique event. As a leading global law firm, we are also pleased to sponsor the British Library’s celebratory exhibition, which showcases the extraordinary legacy of the Magna Carta.

    Charles Thornhill, Head of Business Development, SE & NE Asia, Singapore

    Singapore’s Rule of Law Symposium 2014 was something we at Linklaters were keen to support. Academics, judges, law and development practitioners and policymakers came together in a dialogue to explore the relationship between the rule of law and development, and to encourage debate on this issue within the Singapore, Asian and global context. As a firm, we exist to enable the world of business to benefit from the rule of law and this conference was an excellent way in which we could advance that commitment alongside leading figures from across the globe.

    Ursula Wynhoven, UN Global Compact Office

    Joining the United Nations Global Compact is a quintessential way to signal a public commitment to responsible business. We are delighted to be working together with Linklaters to create a new “Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability”. This extensive pro bono project, based on interviews being conducted around the world as well as desk research, will help in-house lawyers to better articulate and play new strengthened roles in their companies’ corporate sustainability efforts. We greatly look forward to the results.

    Arun Batra, Creator of NES, EY

    Having developed the idea of a new certification for equality, diversity and inclusion, I was very pleased to present the first award to Linklaters. It not only recognises their industry-leading achievements in the UK but also the outstanding work they do globally to raise awareness of the value and importance of this agenda. Visible leadership and consistent communication were key success factors in their excellent application.

    Matthew Bland, Partner, London

    It is hard to sum up the amount of effort that went into the TSB IPO. A huge number of different people from pretty much every practice area in the firm were involved, each playing an invaluable role in its success. We have lived and breathed this matter for the last several years and the passion, resilience and continuing enthusiasm of the team – in the face of some testing times on such a high profile matter – have been remarkable.

  • Valued Colleague

    Pornpan Chayasuntorn, Partner, Bangkok
    In May 2014, I was honoured to be elected as a partner in the firm. I remain delighted that nine women were amongst this year’s 21 partner promotions. It is not quite parity but it is a significant advance and reflects efforts made by many to ensure that opportunities to progress are equal for all. Initiatives such as the Women’s Leadership Programme and firmwide anti-bias training plus our active support for groups such as the 30% Club are raising awareness and changing minds. It is great to see that work paying off.

    Barbara Allatta, Senior Matter Management Advisor, Brussels

    I was selected for our Global Talent Programme in 2013. It provides 18 months of structured support to help advisors become managers and has made me more confident about my strengths and even keener to challenge myself. The programme brings together an international, cross-functional group of ambitious individuals and openly invites them to consider the future of the fi rm. Until that point, I had not appreciated how much more I had to offer and, thanks to this whole experience, I do see many more ways I can tackle some of our global opportunities, as well as identifying a much clearer career path for myself.

  • Good Neighbour

    Giovanni Pedersoli, Partner, Milan

    Opening doors to work is something we care about so when we were asked in 2011 to help young offenders from the Cesare Beccaria Juvenile Prison get back in to employment, we jumped at the chance. We worked with the “Association of Bakers” to build and establish an on-site bakery, providing business and legal advice as well as funding. Young people work in the bakery to gain employability skills and valuable work experience. The project has been so successful that there is now a second bakery which is being opened in the town centre, allowing opportunities for immediate employment upon leaving the facility. Never has pro bono advice tasted so good!!

    Jaspreet Singh, Co-founder, International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination

    Linklaters’ work with ICAAD involved mapping structural discrimination relevant to minority and women’s rights across 10 jurisdictions. Our research and our consolidated legal analysis is being used in conjunction with the UN Universal Periodic Review mechanism to identify and develop strategies for tackling structural discrimination globally. It is also being used to educate law students and advocates as part of a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Training and Human Rights Lawyering programme. Our partnership with Linklaters has been absolutely critical – the Linklaters team was enthusiastic, dedicated, and superb at distilling key structural issues and the policies that allow discrimination to perpetuate. Together, we are developing an incredibly valuable resource for human rights advocates, NGOs and governments to track human rights accountability.

    Deborah Papworth, Managing Associate, Hong Kong

    In the Hong Kong offi ce, we get involved in a wide range of pro bono work, from attending weekly free legal information clinics for domestic helpers in need, to preparing research on human traffi cking laws. Some of my most challenging and rewarding pro bono work has been in providing legal support to Justice Centre, a not-for-profi t organisation which provides free legal assistance to those seeking asylum and other protection individuals who are escaping persecution, torture or other grave abuses of human rights. My colleagues and I interview claimants to prepare testimonies, conduct research and prepare legal briefs to support the work of specialist human rights lawyers who provide representation in the government’s determination process. It can be hard and emotionally difficult but we are able to make a life changing difference, and that motivates us time and again.

    Mathias Schaaf, Head of Operations, Germany

    Achieving ISO 14001 certification in our Munich office was a huge success for the team. As Munich was one of the first offices to undergo an external audit, this was a boost to colleagues in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt who are now preparing for the same audit. Many of our German environmental initiatives engage our people across all four German locations. Our “RE:TREE” programme turns non-forest into forest to compensate for CO2 emissions and our “On Your Bike” campaign promotes sustainable transport thanks to an office bike fleet. Sustainable office design has most recently been a key consideration for the team as we fi t out our new Frankfurt premises. We’ve found that incorporating environmental aspects into the design at an early stage will not only reduce our environmental impact but will also result in our running a more efficient office space.