Trustee Agenda Autumn 2020

Welcome to our autumn edition of Trustee Agenda for 2020.

With that horrible back to school feeling compounded by all the uncertainties associated with the current Covid-19 situation, not to mention the sudden drop in temperature, we thought we would provide, by way of a diversion, a bumper autumn edition of Trustee Agenda.

In this edition you will find a piece on the implications for pension schemes of the new insolvency legislation, an update on tax issues in connection with GMP equalisation, an in depth look at some recent rectification and construction cases concerning indexation and revaluation entitlements and an updated summary of the Pensions Regulator’s guidance on Covid-19.

Do, please, continue to provide feedback on the content and format of Trustee Agenda. Thoughts in relation to the latter will be particularly welcome, given recent changes to working patterns that have affected all of us.

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Listen to commentary from Will Rose, Managing Associate, on his article in this edition of Trustee Agenda.