Linklaters supports innovative poverty simulation programme at the World Economic Forum

Linklaters is sponsoring the ‘Struggle for Survival’ at the World Economic Forum in Davos from January Jan 21st-24th, 2015.   

‘Struggle for Survival’ is a simulation programme being brought to Davos by Hong Kong NGO, Crossroads Foundation. 

The programme was created in collaboration with NGOs, field workers and those living in poverty. The simulation ‘compresses’ time and, in 75 minutes, seeks to re-create some of the pressures faced by those living on $2 a day or less: the battle for education, shelter, medical care, water and food,  compounded by corruption in the marketplace and the abuse of loan sharks in communities with weak legal infrastructure. 

The intention of the event is to increase empathy and engagement and is presented entirely by aid workers, as volunteers.  

For further information, see Crossroads’ website. You may also find their FAQS  helpful.