Regulatory Compliance

Understanding this constantly changing landscape and developing the systems to achieve group compliance is a much bigger challenge than was the case even five years ago.

The stakes are higher too: with the global slowdown, customers, investors and regulators are becoming far less tolerant of actual or perceived corporate mistakes or non-compliances. With news flows influenced by social media, the interaction of risk management and public relations is more important. Major breaches can challenge a company’s social licence to operate and damage a management team’s credibility.

We support our clients across the world in responding to new regulatory proposals and requirements, developing and testing compliance programmes to satisfy these, and advising on best practice compliance structures and processes. We are immediately available if you have a regulatory crisis or problem or if you are subject to investigation. We also provide support for corporate crisis and risk training.

Our regulatory practice spans the key concerns that our clients have to deal with. It includes anti-trust, state aid and procurement, compliance and ethics issues including anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions, data protection and financial regulation. We advise on matters of corporate governance, reporting, and disclosure requirements and in the industrial and environmental sphere on regulatory requirements applicable to project development, operations, product stewardship and legacy liabilities.

Above all, in providing clients with regulatory advice, our aim is to support you both in relation to current issues, and as in terms of forewarning you and assisting with preparations for incoming and future requirements.