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EU vertical block exemption: next generation rules - November 2020

In this webinar an expert panel discuss how that since the Commission completed the Evaluation Phase of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) review process it’s expected to culminate in a revised VBER and Vertical Guidelines in 2022.

During this webinar, which was organised by Sima Ostrovsky (Managing Associate, London) and Charlotte Colin-Dubuisson (Counsel, Paris), moderator Pierre Zelenko (Partner, Paris) is joined by speakers Isabel Rooms (Partner, Brussels), Marieke Scholz (Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission), Miguel De La Mano (Executive VP, Compass Lexecon), Anselm Rodenhausen (Senior Antitrust Counsel, Zalando SE) and Christoph Leibenath (Senior Antitrust Counsel, Nestlé S.A) as they discuss the key focus areas for future amendments and the proposed policy options identified by the Commission for the Impact Assessment Phase.

Tech merger control: global hotspots and focus areas for regulators - October 2020

Listen to this four minute video where Will Leslie (Managing Associate, Brussels) and Verity Egerton-Doyle (Managing Associate, London) provide an update on the impact of competition law developments on tech mergers.

Taking control of your foreign investment approach: What you need to know – September 2020

Antonia Sherman (Partner, Washington, D.C.) moderates a session with speakers Nicole Kar (Partner, Head of UK Competition, Co-Head Trade Practice and Specialist Adviser, Foreign Affairs Committee, UK Parliament), Christoph Barth (Partner, Düsseldorf) and Jonathan Gafni (Senior Counsel, Head of U.S. Foreign Investment, Washington, D.C.) on the recent changes at the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), as well as foreign investment developments in other key jurisdictions. 

This session was part of a hot topics series for Canadian investors.

Concurrences Law & Economics Webinar - Sustainability goals and Antitrust: Finding the common ground - September 2020

This webinar focuses on sustainability and antitrust policy where the challenges companies have faced with sustainability cooperation initiatives, the European Commission’s approach, the draft Dutch guidelines recently issued and how to establish joint sustainability initiatives within the boundaries of antitrust law are discussed in further detail.

Nicole Kar (Head of UK Competition, Linklaters) is joined by Olivier Guersen (Director General, DG COMP), Martijn Snoep (Chairman, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets), Alec Burnside (Partner, Dechert) and Andrea Collart (Partner, Avisa Partners).

The impact of an economic crisis on merger control and foreign investment regulation – July 2020

Listen to Nicole Kar (Head of UK Competition)Antonia Sherman (Partner, Washington DC)Marcus Pollard (Counsel, Hong Kong) and Emma Cochrane (Practice Development Lawyer, London) consider the impact that Covid-19 has had on merger control and regulatory processes. We examine the impact of the economic crisis on merger timelines and assessments, the growth of foreign investment regulation around the world and consider the increased politicisation of merger processes.

Asset Manager Spotlight – Competition law in the financial sector – June 2020

Listen to Gavin Lewis (Dispute Resolution Partner) Sara Cody (FRG Counsel PSL), Jonathan Ford (Competition/Antitrust Counsel), Raza Naeem (FRG Counsel) and Sarina Williams (Dispute Resolution Managing Associate) discuss the FCA’s competition powers and how they are being used, activities that are particularly susceptible to antitrust intervention, and how asset managers can address these risks against the backdrop of the FCA’s support for the CMA’s March 2020 Guidance on Business Cooperation in response to Covid-19.

Life After Covid-19: Competition Policy in a Changed World - July 2020

This webinar is a discussion on the challenges for regulators, policymakers and companies that will emerge as the pandemic recedes. What will a competitive market look like in a world where companies have exited the market, concentration has grown and the state may be present through bailed-out companies? How should competition enforcers act in an increasingly crowded regulator world of investment screening, anti-subsidy rules and more “sovereign” economies? And how do the notions of “consumer welfare” or “open markets” stack up against an expanding concept of “public interest”?

Moderating the exchange is Lewis Crofts (Editor-in-Chief, MLex) and he is joined by Nicole Kar (Head of UK Competition, Linklaters), John Fingleton (CEO & Founder, Fingleton), Professor William Kovacic (Director Competition Law Center, George Washington University) and John Davies (Senior Adviser, Brunswick Group).

State aid throughout and post Covid-19 - June 2020

This is the final instalment in a webinar series that has been developed by Linklaters with GCR to help companies tackle the live issues relating to competition law enforcement in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. This episode concentrates on exploring the framework for aid during Covid-19 in addition to considering the application of state aid to tackle Covid-19, how it compares to other crisis situations and what it means for the future.

Natura Gracia (Competition/Antitrust Partner, Linklaters) is joined by Dr Max Lienemeyer (LLM) (Head of unit in the Competition Directorate General, European Commission), Nicole Robins (Head of State aid practice, Oxera) and Manish Das (Head of Competition law, Lloyds Banking Group) as they discuss from a practical perspective the many facets of State aid.

Competition law and Covid-19: The future of sustainability, innovation and green measures? - June 2020

This webinar is the second in a series which has been developed by Linklaters and GCR to help companies tackle the live issues concerning competition law policy and practice in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. Moderating the webinar is Annamaria Mangiaracina (Competition/Antitrust Partner, Linklaters) and joining her discussion on the future of sustainability, innovation and green measures in competition law are Paul Csiszar (Director, DG Comp), Angélique de Brousse (Senior Legal Counsel, Johnson & Johnson) and Dirk Middelschulte (General Counsel, Unilever).

What is the influence of the principles of EU law on Member States law? - June 2020

Xavier Taton (Dispute Resolution Partner, Linklaters) had the opportunity to discuss the Skanska judgment from the ECJ and all subsequent cases arising from it at a conference organised by Concurrences on the current state of private enforcement in the EU and France. On the panel was Küllike Jürimäe (Judge, Court of Justice of the European Union), Sylvaine Poillot Peruzzetto (Special counsellor, French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation)), Ingeborg Simonsson (Judge, Patent and Market Court) and Anna Vernet, (Head of Unit (ECN and private enforcement), DGCOMP). Moderating the panel was Rafael Amaro (Professor, Université de Caen Normandie). To download and follow the presentation while listening to the recording, click here.

Cooperation throughout and post Covid-19 - May 2020

Daniela Seeliger (Competition/Antitrust Partner, Linklaters) is joined by Maria Jaspers (Head of Antitrust Policy and Case Support Unit, European Commission) Dr Frauke Eßer (Head of Crises, Insolvencies and Antitrust, Volkswagen Group) and Nick Woodrow (Global Head of Competition Law, Vodafone Group) to discuss Competition and Cooperation throughout and post Covid-19.

Failing firm defense: A new era for mergers? - May 2020

Jonas Koponen (Competition/AntitrustPartner, Linklaters), Paul Csiszár (Director of Basic industries, Manufacturing and Agriculture DG COMP), Antoine Chapsal (Partner, Analysis Group) and Axel Gutermuth (Partner, Arnold & Porter) discuss during a webinar organized by Concurrences the approach of competition authorities with regards to the “failing firm defense” argument.

Competition Law and Sustainability - Is Competition Law Cooperating? - April 2020

Listen to Nicole Kar (Head of UK Competition, Linklaters), Simon Holmes (Judge, UK Competition Appeals Tribunal), Matthew Bennett (Vice-President, Charles River Associates) and Emma Cochrane (Practice Development Lawyer, Linklaters) about how companies can achieve their ESG goals and stay within the competition rules as they currently apply, potential reforms, and the lessons we can apply from the Covid-19 crisis to competition law and climate change.

ESG, Climate Change and the Competition Agenda - April 2020

Listen to Nicole Kar (Head of UK Competition, Linklaters) and Vanessa Havard-Williams (Global Head of Environment, Linklaters) share their insights into ESG, climate change and the competition agenda. This podcast focuses on why environmental issues are so important for businesses, the interplay with competition law – especially in the context of competitor cooperation, and, while we await clearer guidance from authorities, how companies can lawfully pursue their collaborative sustainability initiatives in the here and now.

Covid-19: Competition and state aid, corporate disclosures, AGMs and reporting - March 2020

Nicole Kar (Head of UK Competition, Linklaters), Natura Gracia (Competition/Antitrust Partner, Linklaters) and Fredrik Löwhagen (Competition/Antitrust Counsel, Linklaters) discuss the competition law issues to consider when responding to government requests for collaborative action, and the state aid questions associated with government support and bail outs. Sarah Wiggins and Ian Hunter (Corporate Partners, Linklaters) also discuss the disclosure obligations of listed companies and the issues companies face when planning their AGMs during lockdown.

Competition Outlook for 2020 - January 2020

When we think about competition policy making and enforcement, what will be the important drivers for change in 2020? What will be the main challenges for doing deals? And what about the key focus for competition enforcement and therefore compliance?

This short video sets out the different perspectives from the EU, the U.S. and China, with insights from Bernd MeyringThomas A. McGrath (Competition/Antitrust Partners, Linklaters) and Vivian Cao (Competition/Antitrust Partner, Linklaters Zhao Sheng).

CFIUS’ FIRRMA Regulations: 5 things you need to know - December 2019

On 13 February 2020 detailed regulations implementing the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act of 2018 came into force. By watching this video, you’ll learn about five of the key changes: (1) definitions of covered investments in U.S. technology, infrastructure, and personal data; (2) mandatory vs. voluntary CFIUS filings; (3) special treatment for certain foreign investors; (4) expanded jurisdiction over real estate transactions; (5) new filing fees.

Legacy of Vestager’s first term, Episode 6: The digital finale - December 2019

In this short vlog, senior lawyers from our Brussels, London, New York and Beijing offices share their views on Commissioner Vestager’s legacy in the digital sector. And, importantly, they consider what lies ahead.

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