Listen up! Legacy of Vestager’s first term, Episode 6: The digital finale

It has been an exciting week for competition law enthusiasts, as Margrethe Vestager took office for her second term as EU Competition Commissioner and began her new role as Vice President for digital policy. Likewise it has been an interesting time for companies active in digital markets, as stakeholders and commentators try to make sense of where we go next in terms of competition enforcement in the digital sector.

Undoubtedly, Commissioner Vestager has been a pioneer on the global stage in respect of digital. But where has she had the greatest impact? What specific challenges will she face over the next five years? What do the U.S. and Chinese authorities make of her enforcement approach? Will competition authorities around the world converge to find a common approach to tackling antitrust enforcement in the digital sector?

In this short vlog, senior lawyers from our Brussels, London, New York and Beijing offices share their views on Commissioner Vestager’s legacy in the digital sector. And, importantly, they consider what lies ahead?