Competition enforcement in France: Year in Review 2019 and Year to Come 2020

Below are the main takeaways from our annual Year in Review and Year to Come publication focussing on competition enforcement in France.  For more details, you can consult our full report here.

Year in Review 2019

2019 proved to be a year of transition with the start of the merger control reform launched by the President of the French Competition Authority, Isabelle de Silva.

Antitrust enforcement remained relatively limited for the first three quarters. But December saw a sanctions boom under which the FCA concluded some major cartel and behavioural cases.

The FCA remained active in merger control throughout 2019.

Year to Come 2020

2020 is likely to be marked by significant antitrust enforcement, particularly in the retail sector. The FCA will conclude some important investigations, including the review of purchasing alliances. Unsurprisingly, 2020 is also expected to be the year of digital enforcement.

Finally, significant procedural changes are expected. These include the finalisation of the merger control reform, which will include new rules to tackle so-called killer-acquisitions. And the transposition of the ECN+ Directive, which will strengthen the FCA’s procedural arsenal.