Trustee Agenda Spring 2020

Welcome to our spring edition of Trustee Agenda for 2020.

In this edition, we share answers to “frequently asked questions” on GMP equalisation. Whilst several developments in this area are expected in the coming months, we hope that these answers may help equip trustees to begin (or progress) the complex task of GMP equalisation for their schemes. We will continue to share FAQs as thinking in this area evolves.

Following the recent Supreme Court case confirming that opposite sex couples are now able to become civil partners, we include an article on what this means for pension schemes and what, if any, changes to scheme rules are needed.

From time to time, we place the spotlight on perennial issues facing trustees. This edition offers a guide to deciding ill-health early retirement applications, an area of trustee activity that can become complex, particularly where there is a need for interface with a number of parties such as health professionals and the employer’s HR function.

Finally, we look at recently updated Pensions Regulator’s guidance on DB to DC transfers.

As always, do let me know if there are any particular topics or issues you would like to see covered in future editions of Trustee Agenda.

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