Trustee Agenda Summer 2020

Welcome to our summer edition of Trustee Agenda for 2020.

Research tells us that reading has surged during the Covid-19 lockdown, with the amount of time devoted to this more than doubling. With this in mind and ever responsive to our clients’ needs, we have put together a bumper Summer edition of Trustee Agenda!

In this edition we cover the Pension Regulator’s guidance issued in connection with Covid-19 – something which, judging from the number of requests we are seeing from corporate sponsors facing liquidity issues, should hopefully be of interest. The Regulator’s consultation on defined benefit funding also comes under the spotlight as do complexities facing our clients on GMP equalisation. The latter, of course, continues to be an evolving area and we hope, in the not too distant future, to have further clarity around some of the thornier tax issues associated with the mechanics of GMP conversion.

In the interim, we wish you a happy and healthy Summer, and look forward to updating you again via Trustee Agenda when (quite possibly) we are all back at school!

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Please note that the Pensions Regulator’s guidance has been updated since this podcast was recorded.