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Diversity Talks

A Linklaters and Bank of America podcast series

Welcome to Diversity Talks, a podcast collaboration between Linklaters and Bank of America. In this series, we will be discussing the latest trends in Diversity & Inclusion in both organisations and beyond.

Spotify Our Diversity Talk episodes are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The Power of Employee Networks

Speakers: Victoria Koko, Alice Eady Ketchell and Ayo Ajaja

Moderator Alice Eady Ketchell (Director, Bank of America) talks to our own Victoria Koko (Senior BD Manager, Banking) and Ayo Ajaja (Director, Bank of America) about their roles leading the race & ethnicity networks at our respective institutions. This conversation covers what it means to feel a sense of 'belonging', how employee networks can promote inclusion over divisiveness, and why it's important to have people around who look like you.

Being anti-racist at work

Speakers: Doug Davison, Richard Smith, Alice Eady Ketchell and Tina Green

Moderator Alice Eady Ketchell (Associate General Counsel, Bank of America) talks to our own Doug Davison (Partner, Dispute Resolution), Richard Smith (Partner, Dispute Resolution) and Tina Green (Director, Bank of America) about the importance and impact of being anti-racist in the workplace. This conversation covers the difference between ‘not being racist’ and being ‘anti-racist’ and the steps we can all take to create an inclusive culture.

This podcast was in collaboration with Bank of America

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