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Published date

ELTIFS offer Luxembourg the opportunity
to help drive European growth

(ALFI Spring Conference Mag, March 2016) 

Luxembourg to introduce ELTIF law

 (Infrastructure Investor, January 2016)

Luxembourg plans special tax regime for
(Ignites Europe, January 2016)

Looking to the future

(Delano, January 2016)

Europe infrastructure fund plan entangled
in red tape

(eFinancial News, December 2015)

Firms 'to come under pressure' to launch

 (Ignites Europe, December 2015)

Contribuer à la croissance européenne

(Paperjam, December 2015)

L'investissement qui dure 

(Luxemburger Wort, October 2015)

Linklaters Conference Looks at European
Long Term Investment Funds
(Chronicle, October 2015)
ELTIFs: Kick-starting Europe's economic
(Investment & Pensions Europe, June 2015)
Regulatory arbitrage risk of European Long
Term Investment Funds
(Risk magazine, April 2015)
Miser sur l'avenir du reel 

 (Paperjam, April 2015)

European Long Term Investment Funds,
an exciting new opportunity for Luxembourg
(Agefi, March 2015)