Insolvency Bitesize - November 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of Insolvency Bitesize. After months of uncertainty, relief is at hand for administrators appointed out-of-court by a company or its directors, as the High Court has clarified just what level of information is needed about the date and time of their appointment. How did the issue arise and how has it been dealt with? We take a look below.

The Government’s latest budget sees the partial reintroduction of HMRC’s preferential status. What might that mean for other stakeholders? We consider the implications in this edition.

As well as a couple of technical insolvency cases, this edition of Insolvency Bitesize looks at where we stand in terms of domestic and cross-border insolvency reform, what issues a no-deal Brexit might throw up and what landlords and property investors might be thinking about when faced with another retailer CVA.

You can navigate by clicking on each “bitesize chunk” below to read further.

As ever, if you have any comments on this edition of Insolvency Bitesize, please get in touch.