Pensions Ombudsman Focus 60th Edition

Welcome to the Pensions Ombudsman Focus for the period to May 2017. In this edition we cover two recent complaints and one appeal to the High Court.

The High Court considered an appeal against a decision of the Pensions Ombudsman relating to awards for financial loss and non-financial loss and the High Court strongly encouraged the Pensions Ombudsman to reconsider the amounts he awards for non-financial loss. The second summary looks at when an erroneous overpayment cannot be reclaimed due to the expiry of the six-year limitation period. Finally, the third summary provides some useful analysis on what information needs to be given to members in relation to changes in rules and/or practices.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these determinations and how they might affect you or indeed any other contentious issues on which the Linklaters Pension Dispute Resolution Group may be able to assist.

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