Trustee Agenda Summer 2019

Welcome to our Summer 2019 edition of Trustee Agenda

The pensions industry never stands still, and changes continue to come thick and fast. In this edition we focus on those changes which will become “live” in the near term. In our first article we put the spotlight on new standards for professional trustees which, whilst not mandatory, are expected to become market standard. A further article brings you up to date on the introduction of pensions dashboards, expected shortly.

As you might have guessed, we include something on GMP conversion. This follows on from recently published guidance on using this approach to equalise for GMPs.

Finally we include an article on the issue of discrimination, something that can be relevant in a range of scenarios from fixing scheme factors to the terms of incentive exercises.

As always, do let us have any comments or suggestions for articles for our “back to school” Autumn edition.

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