Privacy Policy for “Pension Links” Alexa Skill

This Privacy Policy describes how Linklaters (“Linklaters”, the “Firm” or “we”) protects the privacy and data of users (“you”) of the “Pension Links” Alexa skill (the “Skill”). Prior to using the Skill, please read this Policy, Linklaters’ Alexa Skill Terms of Use and the Alexa Terms of Use and Privacy Notice published by Amazon Digital Services LLC (with its affiliates, “Amazon”). In this Policy, “Alexa” means Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service which includes third party content (like the Skill) and related software.

By using the Skill, you signify your consent with the contents of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Data You use the Skill by talking to Alexa. All definitions are provided to Alexa by Linklaters. We never collect or share personal data with the Skill, and do not have any way of tracing who is asking the Skill a specific question. However, to improve the Skill, we analyse how often questions are asked and whether definitions other than those currently in the Skill are sought. This analysis is completed automatically by Amazon in the Amazon Developer Portal and provided to us without any personal data which we could use to trace questions to the questioner.
  2. Changes to the skill The Skill, or parts of it, including this Privacy Policy, may change or be updated at any time. You can find a link to this Policy on the description page of the Skill in the Alexa App or in the Alexa Store. Your continued use of the Skill after changes of the Privacy Policy or the Skill itself will be seen as your acceptance of both.