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About us

CreateiQ is the contract management platform developed by Linklaters,
and we’re on a mission to change the way the world thinks about legal data

We believe contractual data is the crucial driving force of every organisation. It underpins all your relationships - with customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees. Yet 73% of companies find it challenging to run reports on the terms in their contracts, and 9.2% of revenue is lost due to ineffective contract management annually.

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CreateiQ was created by leading experts at Linklaters to change that.

Within just 3 years, our contract management platform powers nearly 300+ institutions
including 30 companies in the Fortune 500 and 6 of the world's largest banks. 

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We transform your contracts into digital workflows that accelerate your contract lifecycle, drive measurable growth, and minimise risk. CreateiQ lets you create, negotiate and execute agreements in a fraction of the time it used to take, all while collecting your valuable legal data along the way.

Unlike traditional CLM platforms, we don't extract data from contracts - we start with the data. CreateiQ builds your agreements from the inputs, and ensures your contracting process generates the information you need, so you understand exactly what's in your contracts in real-time. 

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Our data-first approach means all your legal data is available in a matter of clicks. No more endlessly ploughing through documents. Understand your risk and opportunities, and leverage your legal data to add new layers of automation from creation to execution and beyond. 

We're freeing lawyers from paperwork to focus on what matters most - transforming legal teams into revenue drivers for any organisation. 

Join the legal data revolution

Find out how our CLM platform can transform your contracts into your organisation's most valuable assets.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CreateiQ in a nutshell?

CreateiQ is a next generation Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform developed by experts at Linklaters, designed to speed up contracting, eliminate risk and give institutions access to the power of their legal data.

Why is legal data so important and what can you do with it?

Legal data is the business-critical information captured in your contracts. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with it. At CreateiQ we see our customers using it to manage contract risk and build dashboards, automate post-completion items and other things entirely.

Because the ability for institutions to leverage this data is so new, we are just seeing the start of how it will transform contracting globally.

Which institutions use CreateiQ?

Nearly 100 organisations leverage CreateiQ to power their contracting. Our customers include a diverse mix of financial institutions, consumer goods, real-estate and energy corporations and more.

The underlying technology for CreateiQ also powers ISDA Create, the contract management platform leveraged by members of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

Is CreateiQ available exclusively to Linklaters’ clients?

No, CreateiQ operates separately from Linklaters and is available to any organisation regardless of whether they are a Linklaters client.

Does CreateiQ integrate with other legal technology solutions?

Yes, we offer read and write APIs that connect CreateiQ seamlessly to other tools in your technology stack.

Where is my data hosted?

We store your negotiation data on Linklaters’ servers in their co-located data centres in the UK.

Can Linklaters see any of my client data?

No. Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Linklaters only manage the underlying infrastructure and has no ability to decrypt your data.

Can my legal advisors use the platform on my behalf?

Yes absolutely, you can provide access to your advisors. Better still, with our advanced permissions features you can ensure they only see the contracts you want them to.

What if my counterparty doesn't want to use the platform to negotiate contracts?

We've built advanced functionality to make the counterparty experience as easy as possible and maximise willingness to use the platform - though at any stage either party can take the negotiation offline by downloading a copy. You can even feed the contract back into the platform to ensure you capture the data post execution.

Is CreateiQ just for lawyers?

CreateiQ was designed leveraging expertise from magic circle lawyers so legal folks love using the platform. We also made sure it's easy enough for other business teams to self-serve too.



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