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Linklaters Foundation signs partnership agreement with La Source

La Source

Set up in 1991 by the painter and sculptor Gérard Garouste, La Source is an association that provides social and educational support through artistic expression. Its main task is to help young people (aged 6 to 18) who are having problems at home or at school, or who are experiencing identity issues or suffering from social exclusion to develop their artistic creativity in a variety of fields.

La Fondation d’entreprise Linklaters soutient La Source notamment sur le site de La Guéroulde dans l’Eure, où l’association propose, depuis 1994, aux enfants et aux adolescents de participer à des ateliers artistiques les mercredis et pendant les vacances scolaires. Ils peuvent ainsi suivre des activités liées aux arts plastiques (peinture, sculpture, installation, land-art, photo, vidéo…), aux arts vivants (théâtre, chorégraphie, chant), à l’écriture ou à la musique.

Empowerment and improving image through art

These workshops enable these young people to develop their imagination, free their emotions, gain autonomy and demonstrate that they are capable of creating, producing and realising a project. Taking action is accompanied by taking responsibility, as well as a personal and collective commitment aimed at giving new meaning to their day-to-day lives.

The entirety of this creative approach, which also involves social services and teachers, heralds the start of renewed confidence in themselves, awareness of their identity and the desire to participate in society at large.

This new project is fully in keeping with the pro bono objectives and character of the Linklaters Corporate Foundation, namely to initiate, promote and assist, in France and abroad, non-profit-making activities of public interest aimed at establishing or developing links of social, educational and cultural solidarity.

To this end, the approach adopted by La Source enables the Linklaters Corporate Foundation to bring together its two core objectives: inclusive education and cultural sponsorship.