The Paris office has forged strong links with the leading French universities and business schools, and each year we take on interns - stagiaires - on their university, business school or bar school placement.

We offer a highly rewarding experience, and very real prospects of joining the firm afterwards as a qualified associate. The fact that most of last year’s junior associates were recruited from our stagiaire group shows our commitment to nurturing recognised talent. Likewise, the fact that we had a huge acceptance rate amongst the stagiaires we offered a role to tells its own story. During your time as a stagiaire, you will be an integral part of the team. You will share an office with an associate, who is likely to have been a stagiaire too and will be ready to give encouragement, help and advice.

All the while you will be making a vital contribution to projects and transactions. Crucially, you will always know how your work is making an impact, and there will always be new challenges if you are prepared to work hard and pull together for the team.

Essential to your success will be a proactive approach, an inquisitive mind and the confidence to keep asking questions and to integrate into an environment where close teamwork shapes the dynamics of working relationships.

During your ‘stage’ you will receive appraisals from lawyers and HR to help with your career planning. But in reality the process of giving and receiving feedback should be continuous if you always ask questions and seek advice, a dynamic that is integral to our culture.