Information Management and Data Protection - Experience

Our lawyers have expertise across all forms of information management and data protection issues. Our experienced team acts on a global basis, addressing data privacy issues through a variety of projects, including:

  • Global privacy compliance projects
  • Data loss and security breaches
  • Global information governance and records projects
  • Global transfer of data

Specific examples include advising:
  • News Corporations Management and Standards Committee, chaired by Lord Grabiner, generally in relation to it’s handling of the News of the World phone hacking case, police payments investigation and all other connected issues across News International.
  • SWIFT on a variety of data protection issues, including in its landmark proceedings before the Belgian regulator and European Commission
  • on numerous data loss incidents, including the most significant ever loss of sensitive personal information in the UK
  • on the successful implementation, including obtaining regulatory approval, of five binding corporate rules applications (including those of JPMorgan and Hyatt Hotels) before regulators in France, the UK, Luxembourg, Poland and elsewhere as well as numerous clients on alternatives to binding corporate rules in order to successfully transfer personal information around the world. We are the only law firm in the world to have implemented binding corporate rules ourselves, so know not only what it feels like to advise on these applications but also the challenges in implementing them in our own business. We are currently also advising on binding processor rules applications and the APEC rough equivalent of BCRs known as “cross-border processing rules”.
  • a number of global investment and retail banks on their international records management and document retention strategies