The Future of Finance: introducing our new mini-series

The Bank of England has boldly announced the need for a new finance and a new Bank to enable a new economy. With this, it has published the findings of a review on the future of finance over the next decade and laid out its response to them.

The course set by the Bank could have a profound impact on the landscape of the UK’s financial system in the coming years. For example, it has now committed to consult on what level of access to its payments infrastructure and balance sheet may be appropriate for fintechs and innovative business models, and the appropriate package of obligations that would come with those new rights.

The series will begin with a number of bitesize posts exploring the Bank’s stated direction across the following themes:

  • Shaping tomorrow’s payment system
  • Enabling innovation through modern financial infrastructure
  • Supporting the data economy through standards and protocols
  • Championing global standards for finance
  • Promoting the smooth transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Adapting to the needs of a changing demographic
  • Safeguarding the financial system from evolving risks
  • Enhancing protection against cyber-risks
  • Embracing digital finance

Stay tuned to our FintechLinks blog for more.