The Brexit landscape: mountains, cliffs and the abyss?

The outcome of current Brexit negotiations will shape the legal landscape for years and possibly decades to come. In this seminar, we will analyse the progress made so far on the major legal issues and consider what our clients, on both sides of the Channel, are doing to prepare for Brexit.

Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU are under way but there is little clarity as yet on the final outcome and uncertainty looks set to continue, given the EU’s principle that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”. Businesses need to be prepared for the risks and likely impacts of the UK exiting the EU in 2019. Corporates are worried, in particular, about the integrity of their supply chains, the continuity of regulation, new barriers to trade between the UK and the EU and the impact of Brexit on employees and recruitment.

In this seminar, we will analyse:
  • the progress made so far on negotiations under Article 50;
  • the prospects for and issues associated with transitional arrangements and a new economic partnership;
  • the legal preparations being made in the UK, including the Withdrawal Bill and the development of new UK regulatory regimes; and
  • what we see our clients doing, on both sides of the Channel, to prepare for Brexit.

This seminar will be of interest to: legal and commercial departments across all sectors.