Data Rights in the GDPR Era

Risks & Opportunities for Businesses

We are delighted to be hosting, Data Rights in the GDPR Era, for the Human Rights Lawyers Association.

The coming into force of the GDPR and the recent Cambridge Analytica revelations have brought into focus the interplay between data and human rights. In particular, the way businesses access and use consumers’ personal data is coming under increased scrutiny from a number of quarters. While the need to protect consumers’ data rights certainly poses risks for businesses, what are the opportunities for businesses who want to get ahead of the game by building in human rights safeguards and protections?

In this fascinating panel discussion we will explore these risks and opportunities in more detail. 

Gerry Facenna QC, Monckton Chambers
Specialist in GDPR and Data Protection law

Ravi Naik, Irvine Thanvi Natas Solicitors
Solicitor for the Claimant in the Cambridge Analytica legal challenge

Julianne Morrison, Monckton Chambers
Counsel for the Claimant in the Cambridge Analytica legal challenge

Peter Church, Linklaters LLP
GDPR and data protection expert

Dr Stephanie Hare
Researcher, specialising in data protection