Crisis? What Crisis? Hong Kong Competition Law Enforcement Update

Despite the prevailing circumstances, the first half of 2020 has been a surprising hive of activity for competition law enforcement. The Competition Commission has brought two cartel cases to the Competition Tribunal and taken action relating to online travel agents. The Tribunal handed down its first penalty judgement in April which coincided with the revision of the Commission’s leniency policy for businesses and individuals. This webinar will discuss, in further detail, the impact of this flurry of enforcement and the wider implications of these changes to businesses across all sectors. Join us to learn more and explore how to navigate the evolving competition law landscape. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Recent enforcement cases of the Competition Commission and practical takeaways.
  • Revised leniency policy and the penalty framework for competition cases.
  • Heightened focus on individual employees and how their role in competition investigations.
  • Key compliance reminders and avoiding the red flags of anticompetitive conduct.

One CPD point has been applied for each session with the Law Society of Hong Kong.

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Webinar dial-in opens at 12:45pm