Competition law needs to cooperate: Companies want clarity to enable climate change initiatives to be pursued

Businesses globally are recognising the need to proactively address environmental, social and governance issues. Some will be able to make progress alone, but often collaboration within industries will be required to bring about long-lasting change.

But, however laudable the aims, cooperation between competitors will bring competition laws into play. New research commissioned by Linklaters has found that sustainability leaders want to see changes to the competition rules to remove obstacles preventing collaboration on sustainability initiatives. The survey of 200 sustainability leaders in the UK, USA, France, Germany and The Netherlands sheds new light on the interplay between competition law and sustainability.

To hear a discussion of the survey results you can access a recording of a webinar we hosted on 28 April with Nicole Kar (Head of our UK Competition Practice), Simon Holmes (judge at the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal), Matthew Bennett (Vice-President, Charles River Associates), and Emma Cochrane (Practice Development Lawyer at Linklaters).

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