Charting a course through disruption to English law contracts caused by Covid-19

As Covid-19 becomes of increasing concern around the globe, this note provides an outline of issues that businesses should consider in relation to possible disruption caused to their English law contractual arrangements by the spread of Covid-19. 

When assessing any particular contractual arrangement, an holistic view of the situation should be taken. 

Key considerations will include: 

  • Step 1: Review the relevant contract and consider the factual circumstances
  • Step 2: Consider which obligations are potentially affected/disrupted. Is there a potential breach?
  • Step 3: What are the potential consequences? 
  • Step 4: What defences may there be for the party potentially in breach?

In this briefing note, we look in more detail at the above concepts and the further practical considerations to take into account when dealing with Covid-19 related disruption.

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