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Navigating through Covid-19

The Italian legal HUB

Navigating through Covid-19: The Italian legal HUB

The rapid spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is a public health challenge that has affected the entire globe. It has required governments, and particularly healthcare systems, to respond swiftly and in a coordinated way to ensure that they are properly mitigating and responding to the evolving situation to ensure the wellbeing of their citizens.

Our clients are assessing (as we are ourselves), on a continuous basis, how to address the threat posed by Covid-19 to their workforce, customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders. Financial markets are experiencing considerable turbulence. The situation has the potential to generate both a supply-side and a demand-side shock.

Since Italy is among the countries most affected by Covid-19, we thought it wise to collect all the relevant insights, split in different areas, to guide our clients in navigating across the uncertainties of the current situation by analyzing what impact the new decrees may have on their organizations and providing the answer to some of the legal questions which we have been receiving over the last few weeks.

As it is an evolving situation, we will be updating each section regularly.

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«Cura Italia» decree. What to know

The "Cura Italia" decree, published in the "Official Gazette" on March 17, 2020, presents measures to strengthen the National Health Service and provides economic support for families, employees and businesses related to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. 

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Covid-19: An Italian guide on significant commercial and legal issues

This guide offers practical guidance to Italy-based business and their legal, treasury and company secretarial team on tackling the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Covid-19 – New incentive to boost the Italian NPL/UTP Market in 2020

The Italian Government has recently enacted Law Decree no. 18 of 17 March 2020, commonly known as the Cura Italia Decree (the “Decree”), which provides for some measures aimed at mitigating the economic consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak including specific tax measures which, if confirmed, could have a positive impact on the Italian NPL/UTP market.

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Covid 19

Covid-19: How is data being used to combat COVID-19? Privacy regulators respond

The privacy of infected individuals is important but given the serious implications of COVID-19 most companies should not be deterred from taking reasonable steps to protect the health of their employees and others.

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Topics covered in this site include:

Employment newsletter series and frequently asked questions.

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Supply chain issues, commercial contracts - key contract disputes concepts, competition law consideration & State aid and frequently asked questions.

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Disclosure of inside information, financial reporting, general meetings of listed companies, impact on equity transactions and frequently asked questions.

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Impact on regulated firms in the financial services sector.

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