The ESG landscape and opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic

Like climate change itself, it is no longer a question of if but rather when, where and in what format climate-related reporting and wider legal requirements will be felt most acutely.

Presently, Europe and the UK are leading the way through the rapid and seemingly revolutionary imposition of mandatory legal requirements to align companies and financial institutions with climate-related goals.

Although the pace of change in the United States lags significantly at the federal government level, momentum to effect change is clearly evident at the ‘grassroots’, stakeholder level, and key players in the globally dominant, US-headquartered asset management industry are stepping forward to effect changes similar to those being legislated in Europe.

This will create a period of dislocation for stakeholders caught between the two different approaches, but we expect that those that position themselves at the forefront of the eventual convergence will emerge with stronger fundamentals to compete in a global economy which is turning to embrace, albeit at varied rates, the transition to green energy.

This paper compares and contrasts climate-related ESG developments on both sides of the Atlantic, and highlights key issues that continued divergence will create for global asset managers, companies and their shareholders as they seek to navigate and influence the climate change and related ESG debate.

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