Covid-19 - Latest legal information in Poland

We would like to provide you with further information on the current legal regulations related to COVID-19 within the scope of employee matters. We present a summary of recently introduced solutions related to: the obligation to cover the face, extension of the possibility of using additional care allowance for parents, or the provisions of the so-called anti-crisis shield 3.0 as well as perspectives and practical aspects of remote work and issues of terminating employment contracts using a qualified electronic signature. We also highlight the anticipated (still unconfirmed) further planned changes aimed at making the employment relationship more flexible, to be included in the so-called anti-crisis shield 4.0.

In the interests of our clients, we have created a multidisciplinary team of experts to share knowledge, experience and best practices with you in all areas of activity affected by the current situation, as well as provide support in responding to crisis situations and preparing for them, including dealing with current problems. We encourage you to contact us. 

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