Australia - Blockchain Reaction: Nine months on

Blockchain technology has grown in both scope and maturity over the last year and encountered many unexpected successes and challenges.

Allens, our strategic alliance partner, issued its Blockchain Reaction nine months ago. It contains insights from Australian and international stakeholders, including thoughts on global trends from UBS as well as a window into two alternative Australian approaches to clearing and settlement provided by the ASX and Computershare, and a unique sector-specific perspective from Full Profile, winner of the 2016 Westpac Blockchain Hackathon.

View the Blockchain Reaction report.

They have now updated that report to consider new developments in the blockchain landscape, covering topics such as how regulators are addressing the risks associated with distributed ledger technology, potential interoperability issues, real-life use cases and the benefits of robust governance structures.

The update, Blockchain Reaction: Nine Months On, is available here.

Allens is an independent partnership operating in alliance with Linklaters LLP