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Linklaters will shortly publish a report on opportunities in relation to electric vehicle (EV) batteries, which will describe key commercial opportunities and legal developments across the lifecycle of EV batteries including their manufacture, use, recharging and recycling.

Lifecycle of the EV battery


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There is significant opportunity to invest in mining capacity to help satisfy demand for EVs

The mix of metals demanded will depend on the types of batteries produced in future (e.g. the development and take-up of solid-state solutions).

China currently accounts for >60% of world’s battery plant capacity.

M&A and investment opportunities include Europe’s “European Battery Alliance” (facilitating funding to develop capacity in Europe) and China lifting foreign investment restrictions on EV battery manufacturing.

EV sales will overtake traditional vehicle sales in the 2030s.

Government incentives and regulations (e.g. subsidies and emissions regulation) will drive demand.

There is significant opportunity to invest in ultra-fast EV recharging infrastructure.

The length of time required to charge EV batteries will change consumer habits and could offer an opportunity for new market entrants to offer new goods, services and experiences during recharging.

EV batteries will still have substantial power storage capacity after their in-car life.

Significant secondary market opportunity for EV batteries.

China has introduced measures requiring car companies to establish battery recycling channels; policy initiatives on EV battery recycling expected in Europe in Autumn 2019.

The big issues discussed in this report:

Our upcoming report examines the big questions about commercial opportunities and legal developments across the lifecycle of EV batteries, including:

Where are the investment opportunities in relation to the EV battery lifecycle?

What are the key assumptions that will impact the sales of EVs versus conventional vehicles?

Which regions will lead in EV battery production, use and recycling?

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