Messaging information

The information provided below is an overview of limits and public facing addresses to help clients address any issues they may have sending emails to linklaters staff.

Contact Information

Email: Linklaters Support
Phone: +44 1206 754141

Anti Spam Rules

No email that originates from outside our domain with the DNS suffix of will be accepted, and instead will be seen as 'spoof'.


Mail size limits inbound/outbound and size in Mb
Inbound mail limit - 40 Mb
Outbound mail limit - 20 Mb

Public facing firewall addresses

smtp/mail servers / IP address
Zcopef05 /
Zcopef06 /
Zlopef01 /
Zlopef02 /
Zhkpef01 /
Zatpef01 / /

Quarantined messages

Blocked file types
Movie attachments
DLL attachments
Script attachments
Script file extensions
Audio attachments
Microsoft class 1 extensions

Inbound / Outbound messaging servers

Message servers / Names
Inbound servers /
Inbound servers /
Inbound servers /
Inbound servers /