Greater regulation of the internet

IP and other issues for commercial organisations

The internet continues to have a disruptive effect and to create challenges for society. The recent reaction by many governments to these challenges suggests a move away from the liberal origins of the commercial internet towards a more controlled and regulated space. This session will outline these trends and consider the implications for your business.

The session will address: 

  • Hyperlinking: Are you liable for content you link to online following GS Media?
  • Splinternet: What are the implications of China and Russia’s new data localisation laws and other data localisation requirements?
  • Censorship: How far might the site-blocking orders in Cartier and the Digital Economy Bill extend? What are the implications for your online presence?
  • Monitoring: How will the decision in McFadden affect open Wi-Fi networks? Does the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 amount to online surveillance?

Speakers will be drawn from:

Richard Cumbley, Partner
Ian Karet, Partner
Peter Church, Counsel
Evgeny Ulumdzhiev, Managing Associate

Who should attend this seminar?

This seminar will be of interest to general in-house counsel and intellectual property lawyers.