The continuing rise of direct lending

With the credit crunch fast approaching its tenth anniversary, lenders looking back can see how fundamentally their loan markets have changed in the past decade.  A prominent part of that change is the continuing rise of direct lending. So what should every loan market participant know about this growing area – and for those active in the area, what are the key trends? In this seminar we’ll explore:

  • how has direct lending developed as a distinct financial product alongside TLBs, high yield bonds and others?
  • what makes direct lending different – and appealing – to both borrowers and lenders as a corporate funding option? 
  • why might parties structure deals differently?  How does an agreement among lenders compare to a unitranche intercreditor?

We’ll also consider the impact of licensing and regulation – which will give us some clues about how direct lending might develop in the future.

This seminar will be of interest to: anyone involved with the direct lending sector – whether as a borrower, a direct lender or a financial institution participating alongside direct lending funds.