Linklaters Learning Hub – Introduction to private equity and alternative investment funds

While Luxembourg has remained for 20 years the most popular domicile for Undertakings for Collective Investments and Transferable Securities (UCITS), over the past years Luxembourg has also become increasingly popular as the domicile for alternative investment funds.

In the wake of the implementation of the alternative investment fund managers directive, Luxembourg has further developed its tool-box so as to modernise the so-called Luxembourg partnership and position itself as a jurisdiction offering investment structures familiar to alltypes of investors in alternative classes of assets.

Luxembourg has also developed the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) which complements the available forms an alternative investment fund may adopt in Luxembourg. With a number of other factors, Luxembourg has therefore attracted a number of private equity houses who have set up alternative investment funds for their private equity transactions.

The purpose of this workshop is, through typical private equity structures, describe some of the most important features of a Luxembourg alternative investment fund and give a broad overview of how such vehicles are structured and operated.

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