Breakfast Seminar – Women and leadership: achieve your full potential

To mark Luxembourg’s National Diversity Day, our Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group is delighted to announce that Alison Temperley will be guest speaker at a breakfast seminar on Tuesday 15 May. Alison is at the forefront of the debate regarding the role of women and leadership in professional services. How can organizations ensure they are enabling all their talent to achieve its potential? What unique challenges do women face in the workplace? Can personal and organisational strategies really make a difference? How do attitudes and assumptions stall a woman’s career? What practical steps can we take to ensure the career playing field is level?

Alison’s presentation is grounded in research, analysis and expert insight and offers practical solutions and proposals. In her latest book, “Inside Knowledge” she addresses the subject of women defining their own success and finding time to plan a career path rather than randomly following one. Alison’s inspirational words bring lessons that all can learn, whether you are a leader, a woman or both.

To find out more about how you can leverage the skills women bring to your organisation, why not come along and join the conversation?