Professor Edwin Peel on termination and repudiation of contracts

You want to terminate a contract. Perhaps it is no longer profitable for you or circumstances have changed so it’s difficult for you to comply.

Perhaps it’s a counterparty who wants to terminate - and you dispute their grounds.

If the rights are set out clearly in your contract, then there isn’t a problem. But what if they are not?

This session will consider key issues in termination.

Seminar description:

In this session. Professor Edwin Peel of Oxford University will look at key issues in termination including:

  • When can you terminate?
  • What is the difference between termination for “repudiatory breach” and “contractual termination”?
  • How do you terminate (drafting the notice)? Does it matter?
  • Can you lose the right to terminate?
  • What is the effect of a wrongful termination?
  • What should you be considering when you are drafting termination clauses? 
Who will this seminar be of interest to?

In-house legal teams and those involved in commercial drafting.

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