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Only four countries actively enforcing OECD anti-bribery convention, TI report finds

Transparency International has published its annual report assessing the progress made by the 41 signatories to the OECD Convention on Combating Foreign Bribery in enforcing the convention. The report, "Exporting Corruption", has found that 22 signatories, including Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Chile and Israel have done little or nothing to enforce the convention. In fact, only four OECD countries - the UK, the US, Germany and Switzerland - were found to be enforcing the convention in an active way, that is, initiating investigations into both substantial and less serious instances of foreign bribery, leading to prosecutions and court convictions. While moderate enforcement is demonstrated by Italy, Canada, Australia, Austria and Finland, others, including France, Sweden, South Africa and New Zealand, were only enforcing the convention in a "limited" way, deemed insufficient to act as a deterrent.

"As a result, the convention's fundamental goal of creating a corruption-free level playing field for global trade is still far from being achieved," the report said.

The full report is available here.