Summer 2018 Trustee Agenda


Welcome to our Summer edition of Trustee Agenda.

An increasingly proactive approach on the part of the Pensions Regulator was signalled at, amongst other things, last year’s PLSA Conference and we and our clients are beginning to see evidence of this. Consistent with this overall theme is the White Paper, which has the potential to drive significant change particularly in the context of DB funding discussions and transactions.

The rest of this edition looks at DC pension flexibilities (which have shaped the “at retirement” approach of many of our DB clients), guidance for trustees on cybersecurity, recovery of overpayments (something with which trustees must inevitably grapple from time to time), new deferred debt arrangements (the latest development in the evolution of Section 75 of the Pensions Act) and money laundering.

As always, do let us have any comments or suggestions for our back to school Autumn edition.

In this issue:
  • What does the White Paper mean for business?
  • Are the DC pension flexibilities working?
  • Guidance for trustees on cybersecurity 
  • Recovery of overpayments
  • The new deferred debt arrangement
  • Update on money laundering requirements
  • On the horizon

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