Trustee Agenda DC Special Edition

In this special edition of Trustee Agenda we put the spotlight on matters DC.

The scope of the new authorisation regime for master trusts is surprisingly broad and our article emphasises the need for schemes which provide non AVC DC benefits to check whether they might be inadvertently caught. Relaxation of the requirements relating to DC to DC transfers will also be of interest, particularly for those contemplating a move to a master trust arrangement. Finally, the new requirements for chair’s statements and the potential for information to become publicly available is worthy  of note.

Our next “business as usual” edition of Trustee Agenda will be issued in September and in it we plan to focus on the outcome of the recent BA appeal. In the interim, if you have any suggested areas of interest then do please shout!

  • The new authorisation and supervision regime for Master Trusts: are you caught?
  • Master Trust authorisation: lessons to be learned from the readiness review
  • Relaxation of regime for DC bulk transfers without consent
  • Are you ready for the new public disclosure requirements?
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