Companies House updates guidance on confirmation statements

Companies House has updated its guidance on the filing of confirmation statements. The confirmation statement, which must be filed at least once a year, will replace the annual return from 30 June 2016. For further information see our client guide on our Knowledge Portal.

Prior to completing and filing the confirmation statement, companies will need to check the information held by Companies House in relation to the company's registered office, directors, any secretary, and the location of its registers, and notify Companies House of any changes (by completing the relevant Companies House form). Companies will also need to check and, if necessary, update their shareholder information, statement of capital and principal business activities (using the relevant SIC code). Most companies will also need to deliver the information stated in their PSC register, or make a statement that they are a company to which Part 21A Companies Act 2006 does not apply.

A fee of £13 will be payable for online filing, or £40 if the statement is filed by post. This fee will only be charged once a year, irrespective of how many times a company files a confirmation statement.  Companies House will send an email alert or a reminder letter to the company's registered office when the confirmation statement is due (i.e. at the end of the company's review period). This is (subject to transitional arrangements) either a year after the incorporation of the company, or a year after the confirmation date of the company's last confirmation statement (or the date to which the company's last annual return was made up, where a confirmation statement has yet to be filed). The confirmation statement can be filed up to 14 days after the due date, a significantly shorter grace period than the 28-day period given for filing an annual return.

Companies with returns made up to a date before 30 June 2016 will still need to file an annual return.

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