UK Pensions – Investor Agenda Autumn 2020

Welcome to our autumn 2020 edition of Investor Agenda.

ESG matters are coming very much to the fore at the moment, and trustees need to be thinking about how they can stay compliant, but also how they can stay ahead of the curve with their investment strategy as the impact of ESG-related regulation starts to be felt through the asset chain. We include in this edition an article covering numerous recent developments in the ESG arena, which we anticipate will exercise trustee attention for some time to come.

We also include a reminder about the related matter of the impending deadline for new SIP and implementation statement requirements. We also include a piece about the matters trustees should consider consequent on the transition away from LIBOR, particularly where they use derivatives, and touch on the development of new obligations for trustees clearing their derivatives.

We hope you find this Investor Agenda useful and interesting. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions for topics we could cover please do get in touch.

Rosalind Knowles

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