Swedish Tax Alert - Spring Budget Bill: Key Tax Measures

Today, the Swedish Government published the Spring Budget Bill (the "Bill") for 2016. In the Bill, the Government proposes two new tax measures. The first proposal includes minor adjustments to the so called RUT-deduction, entailing that the RUT-deduction will apply to a wider range of household services. In the second proposal, the Government proposes a reduction of the taxation on certain biofuels. The rules and amendments are proposed to take effect as of 1 August 2016.

In the Bill, the Government also mentions other rules and amendments that are expected to be included in the Budget Bill for 2017 (expected in late autumn). These proposals include increased taxation for banks and other companies within the financial sector by disallowing deductions for interest expenses on subordinated debt and also lowered tax rate on newspaper advertisement and a reduced energy tax for large data centers.

For the Bill (in Swedish), please click here and here

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