Top trends in FinTech and Financial Regulation in Hong Kong and PRC

With the irreversible and global trend of digitalisation, investment in Hong Kong fintech firms in 2017 more than doubled that in 2016. In China, the high levels of internet and mobile penetration makes it one of the world’s largest and most developed e-commerce and fintech markets.

So what are the key things to look out for if you’re a fintech in Hong Kong or China? 

In the video below, our Financial Regulation Group partners, Annabella Fu van Bijnen and Sumit Indwar, talk about the top trends in fintech and financial regulation in both Hong Kong and the PRC, covering how the regulatory landscape is evolving in three key areas:

  1. Virtual Banking in Hong Kong
  2. Cybersecurity in China
  3. Upcoming regulatory trends in the fintech space