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The Global Infrastructure Summit 2019

Berlin | 18-21 March

The world’s largest infrastructure investment summit

Capital flowing into infrastructure funds hit a record in 2018 with investors allocating a fresh $85bn, up $10bn on 2017. A further bumper year is expected in 2019.

With over 2000 attendees and $1trn of capital in the room, the Global Infrastructure Summit provides the world's largest platform for the global infrastructure investment community. Linklaters is proud to sponsor the event for the 4th consecutive year.

We look forward to contributing to a forward thinking discussion on emerging opportunities for investment in the sector including digital infrastructure, healthcare services and emerging debt markets, as well as sharing our experience in relation to market risks such as FDI intervention, renationalisation, cyber security and crisis management.



of capital in the room

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Infrastructure Investor Global Summit

18 -21 March 2019

Berlin Hilton
Mohrenstraße 30
10117 Berlin, Germany