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Competition Outlook for 2021

Competition Outlook for 2021

The last year has been one of seismic shifts. Societies and businesses have been forced to adapt quickly to a vastly different environment. Changes will continue to unfold in 2021, including in the competition law arena. This will bring opportunities for growth but also more friction and uncertainty.

It seems fitting this year that we do our global predictions slightly differently. In this bitesize video series, we feature partners from our global team highlighting four themes which will significantly affect businesses in 2021. From the impact on M&A strategies of tougher merger control and foreign investment scrutiny, to the importance of antitrust compliance given heightened global enforcement, to competition law’s role in the green recovery in 2021 and beyond. Each video concludes with three calls to action so you can make the most of the opportunities and overcome the challenges ahead.

Watch our Competition Outlook for 2021 video series

Expect: continued growth of foreign investment controls globally

“Foreign investment rules can dramatically affect the timing, certainty, and economics of deals, so parties should approach their cross-border transactions with their eyes wide open to the many changes coming around the globe in 2021.”

Expect: tougher global merger control enforcement

“While making the most of investment opportunities, dealmakers should expect more friction and more uncertainty as part of merger control processes and should factor this into their deal strategies as early as possible.”

Expect: increased global antitrust enforcement

“Now is the time for companies to examine their existing compliance programs to make sure those programs are effective and that they have embedded a culture of compliance in the business. This will stand them in good stead if the expected wave of enforcement in 2021 brings them under the microscope.”

Expect: the rise of the sustainability agenda

“Despite the health crisis, 2020 has seen a growing focus by governments and the private and financial sectors on addressing climate risks. 2021 will present many opportunities for action, especially in Europe. Businesses must be alive to the changing landscape and be empowered to help shape it.”

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